ANNOUNCEMENT: New AIM Group Forming In Hawaii

Active Insight Meditation (AIM) is a unique approach to spirituality.  Consider something that starts from where you’re at and gives insight into whatever path you’re currently on.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re spiritual, or religious, or agnostic, or atheist, or somewhere inbetween.  The Spiritual Exercise (Latihan) is an active meditation that can be relaxing, or intense, or cathartic–depending on what the individual needs at the time.  Most people report that it centers and balances them, and gives them insight into themselves and reality around them.  Those who believe in God or a Divine reality report it as a worshipful experience.   This spiritual exercise does not take the place of your current worldview–it enhances it.

How does this insight and psychological balance occur?  It happens through AIM’s specific type of Spiritual Exercise.  You let go and surrender to Order, God, or to The Universe, and have your own spontaneous and unique experience.  Various religions, meditations and spiritual paths disagree over definitions of God or Ultimate Reality–but do these definitions really matter?  With the Latihan we don’t focus on definitions and beliefs, we engage in direct experiences–the point is that you feel, in your body and/or mind, a connection to the Universe using this meditative technique.

“AIM” is the name of the group, and “Meditation” or “Latihan” is the name of the technique.  Click on the links above to see what AIM and the Latihan are all about.